Steve Kossack


Every Picture Tells a Story:
A location workshop with Steve Kossack

New! Order your copy today!  Steve and his unique approach to landscape photography are now featured in a new 100-minute DVD released by Master Photo Workshops (Directed by Gregory McKean.) The new DVD, entitled "Every Picture Tells A Story," provides an in-the-field workshop experience packed with helpful information and clearly demonstrated techniques.

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Experience a private photography workshop through the breathtaking scenery of northern Arizona with renowned landscape photographer and workshop leader Steve Kossack. Watch and learn as Steve photographs the iconic beauty of Horseshoe Bend, Lower Antelope Canyon, and The Wave. In this journey, Steve will inspire and enlighten viewers on the techniques he has perfected, allowing him to create the stunning landscape imagery he has become so well known for capturing.

Coyote Buttes & The Wave
Horseshoe Bend
Lower Antelope Canyon
Portfolio Lecture
Closing Statement

Bonus material includes The Landmarks Portfolio.

Running Time: 100 Minutes
DVD Region: All Regions
Number of Discs: 1
Release Date: June 2009

View a clip from the Every Picture Tells a Story DVD.

The Buzz on the DVD .......

I just finish watching your new video..... it took me 3 weeks.
It is absolutely great!! The DVD Cleared up many questions for me
. .. Bing Yeh

I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the Every Picture Tells a Story DVD. It is so good on so many levels. I learned so much from it because you took the time to explain not only how you did the images, but also why you made the choices you did to achieve the image you were seeking. And, the more I watch it, the more I grow as a photographer... Jere Alhadeff

The DVD arrived today, and I just finished watching it. Terrific job - thoroughly enjoyable, and educational on multiple levels! Thanks for creating this DVD! .. Jack Johnson

I have watched your new DVD, and it brought back some great memories of my first adventure with you to the Page, AZ area. I learned so much from you during that trip. I'd like to think the improvements I've seen in my photography are due in large part to not only being able to spend time with you in the field, but also the advice I'm able to get from your DVD's. "Every Picture" being no exception. It is such a beautiful area, you did a great job of capturing that beauty on your latest DVD.... Brent Mardis

This new DVD is something different. While the backdrops are familiar (in this case, we are going to the Wave, Horse Shoe Bend and Lower Antelope Canyon), this DVD is really more a of a photography lecture than a park tour. By placing Steve in a variety of familiar situations, Steve really gets the chance to delve deeply into the 'how'
of what he does. Don't get me wrong, he still throws in plenty of park history as he talks about how he is shooting his scenes. However, he really gets the opportunity to expand further than I have ever seen Steve go in a DVD. While all of his different DVDs show the final products that he has produced on his workshop, these talk more about the thought process on how to create effective compositions - even when you don't think there may actually be one. Steve also talks about how he uses his gear in depth - from tripods to lenses to his camera. He also gives a great lecture on the use of filters. The best thing about the DVD is that it is not pedantic. It does not feel like a lecture. For example, you really need to watch the entire DVD to see how Steve uses filters - as well as when not to use them. The DVD also covers things that you might not typically get from Steve - such as his use of the Digital Dark Room.

The DVD ends on a section called, "The Portfolio Lecture." In it, Steve shows you what is on HIS wall and why he likes these photos. The portfolio lecture is something that I truly found valuable. While Steve creates a space for us to share our work with each other during a workshop, he is generally reticent to toot his own horn - trying to put the focus on the people in his workshop. While I agree with the philosophy, it IS nice to see Steve showing his work and more importantly, what he finds relevant about it.

The Bottom Line:

“Every Picture Tells a Story” comes very nicely packaged. It is efficient and very professionally done. While the packaging on Steve's other videos is also very good, I like the fact that this seems to waste less material. The DVD is also well edited. It is clear to me that it is the best of the series that Steve has provided. Steve's voice is clear as a bell throughout the DVD - amazing when you consider that he is shooting on location. While it is different from his prior works, it really is complimentary to them. Over all, I think this is an excellent piece of work. ... James Morrissey -NWP Forum-